Andy Hoyos – Q1 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Andy Hoyos – Artists Statement
In an attempt to create my own personal universe, where I am the supreme being – all powerful, unforgiving but generous; I create playfully dark works of art populated by some personal demons and a menagerie of beings that have ricocheted around the recesses of my mind since childhood, only now to emerge as the peculiar inhabitants of a cosmology of my making.

In 1975 I met surrealist painter Robert Williams. The exposure to this artist, and other artists of his ilk, made an impression on me that lasted for decades. My present body of work owes a debt of gratitude and a tip-of-the-hat to those pioneering madmen.

I use paint, pencil, birch wood panels as well as digitally painted imagery reproduced to paper, canvas and aluminum (applied to the wood panels) as well as resin to create mixed media artworks. I also paint traditionally using primarily acrylic paint to birch wood panels.

To make manifest the places, people and things I dream about is to be a virtual deity – dare I say it, a god in a boundless cosmos of my creation.

Title:Scarred Medium:	Mixed Size:	19" x 27"
Title: Scarred
Medium: Mixed
Size: 19″ x 27″
Title:Hey, Tiddy Duce Medium:	Mixed Size:	25" x 29"
Title: Hey, Tiddy Duce
Medium: Mixed
Size: 25″ x 29″
Title:Heterochromia Medium:	Mixed Size:	18" x 34"
Title: Heterochromia
Medium: Mixed
Size: 18″ x 34″
Title:Feral Angel Medium:	Acrylic on panel Size:	15.5" x 31.5"
Title: Feral Angel
Medium: Acrylic on panel
Size: 15.5″ x 31.5″