Jakub Exner Zoombies – Q1 Art Competition

Jakub Exner Zoombies is an International Contemporary Digital Artist and Graphic Designer specialising in Digital Vector Art Illustrations and he lives currently in Poland and Australia.

His biggest inspirations in his artwork has roots in his childhood when he used to observe the nature through magnifying glass, drew on everything in high school – travelled across the whole Europe and then years later when he saw the red sand on the far Outback, destructive tropical cyclones and bush fires of Australian continent in his endless journeys to red desert, influenced by aboriginal art, multi culture society, and inspired by the beauty and magic of Equator climate in Asia – Volcanic land of Java Island – complexity of Indonesian culture, ancient Asian traditions and Art and to be back one day in his memories, when he was a boy, to recall the scent of burning grass and fireflies at the bank of the river in the beautiful town of Lower Silesia in Poland when he was born, made huge impact on his life and art.

Jakub Exner Zoombies style is based on manual line drawing and construction in digital space, developed since year 2012 by computer technic of Vector Line as a combination of earthy elements such as: Wind – Fire – Water – Smoke ( Air ) as to be one united substance in undefined space and time.

Zoombies has emerged first time in year 2008 and as fully developed manual drawing technic with fluorescent and UV colour palette, establishing his place among international contemporary digital Artists around the world since 2012.

Title:Encrypted Medium:	Digital Art Size:	1908x2000
Title: Encrypted
Medium: Digital Art
Size: 1908×2000
Title:Summer Clown Medium:	Digital Art Size:	1333x2000
Title: Summer Clown
Medium: Digital Art
Size: 1333×2000
Title:Endless Human Greed Medium:	Digital Art Size:	1200x2000
Title: Endless Human Greed
Medium: Digital Art
Size: 1200×2000
Title:Cicada Medium:	Digital Art Size:	2000x1148
Title: Cicada
Medium: Digital Art
Size: 2000×1148