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Featured Artist

Stacy Solodkin – Venice, CA

Painting at its best for me is pure self expression. It’s a practice of letting go and allowing something to flow through me and onto the page. People have always said that my work feels alive which is exactly how I experience them- both during my process and after. Because the various elements I work with are fluid I’m able to continuously manipulate the flow, color and structure which leaves me feeling like I’m actually collaborating with the elements to create each piece. Whether I’m using encaustics, pigmented alcohol inks, acrylics or resin-I try my best to keep myself in unison with them…And if I am quiet and listen closely the paintings talk to me.

Unlike life, this process leaves no time for questions or doubt-only action and complete presence. And with each painting, I learn over and over again that pushing past the questions and doubt creates the greatest beauty. Just the doing of it has become a haven and a necessary experience for me—full of experimentation, intuitive impulse and surprise.

I’m far far far from a great artist…I’m not even the best artist I can be. I think I’m adequate maybe…maybe some would even say good! But I just try to be as authentic as I can in the interpretation of what I feel in the moment. And I try my best not to judge it until later -sometimes moments later-which unfortunately seems inevitable in my particular process.

My goal always is to try and be the clearest channel I can be for what is coming through. To listen softly so I can hear the messages. And ultimately That’s what I hope my paintings are for people. Messages. I am more at peace in my studio than just about anywhere…it’s my holy place. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do and my hope is that my art makes people feel good and brings some beauty into the world.

 I'm not what you think Medium Pigmented alcohol ink on Duralar paper Size 14"x17"

I’m not what you think
Pigmented alcohol ink on Duralar paper
 There is Strength Medium Pigmented Alcohol Inks on Yupo Size 3ft x 2ft

There is Strength
Pigmented Alcohol Inks on Yupo
3ft x 2ft
 Into the depth Medium Pigmented alcohol inks on Duralar paper Size 14"x17"

Into the depth
Pigmented alcohol inks on Duralar paper
 in another place Medium mixed media on yupo Size 11"x14"

in another place
mixed media on yupo