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Nahoma T. Wallace III – Ellisville, MO

Nahoma is a person born with disabilities. He has Expressive Language Disorder. From the time he was a child, Nahoma’s mom would give him pencils, crayons and paper to keep him occupied when she was busy doing things around the house. She soon realized that art was a possibility of him finding a way to express his thoughts. Nahoma always loved doodling with pencils, crayons and paint. He likes to use anything he can get his hands on as a medium to create his art.

Nahomas spends hours creating his art work but also enjoys biking,

bowling, basketball, hitting golf balls, swimming and listening to jazz and


Nahoma’s first exhibit in 2000 won him second place for a picture called “Tulips”. In April 2002 Nahoma did quite well winning 5 awards, including “Best of Show”.

Nahoma likes to use multimedia on most of his creations. He loves using lots of colors on most of his works. His inspiration comes from photos, magazines, books and places he has been. His signature is in some of the most unconventional places in his work. When he was young he asked his mother where he should put his name on his pictures. She replied, “Anywhere you want to put it.” It seems that the signature becomes a part of the artwork itself. That’s what makes his pictures so unique. People, who have bought his art work, penned the phrase, “I have a Nahoma.”

 Cocktail Time Medium Acrylic on cCanvas
Cocktail Time
Acrylic on Canvas
 Beautiful Peacock Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 20x16
Beautiful Peacock
Acrylic on Canvas
 Colorful Face Medium Acrylic on Canvas Size 20x20
Colorful Face
Acrylic on Canvas
 Blue Blowin Man Medium Acrylic On Canvas Size 16 X 20

Blue Blowin Man
Acrylic On Canvas
16 X 20


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