Featured Artist | Maidy Morhous

Maidy Morhous

Del Mar, CA

An accomplished printmaker and painter as well as sculptor, Maidy Morhous was born in New York and currently creates out of her studio thirty minutes north of San Diego. Morhous received her Master of Fine Arts degree while studying at Stanley Hayter’s Atelier 17 in Paris in the mid-1970s. Before returning to the States, she then traveled to Italy to further her studies in casting techniques at the Fonderia Artistica–Marinelli Foundry in Florence.

Morhous expresses herself through the medium of bronze, which allows her to portray extremes, from the soft flow of water to the harsh asphalt pavement of our world. Her work encompasses the pop art concept of presenting commonplace objects as fine art. It is meant to engage viewers and to allow them to contemplate and pull from within, to disengage for a moment from the outside world.

Morhous paints, in acrylic and oil, and continually searches to portray her environment in the world today. Her abstract images pull viewers in while forcing them to question what is being viewed—be it life and one’s existence, the plight of the world, or merely something to bring a smile.

Maidy Morhous is currently showing internationally in museum exhibitions and galleries; her work can also be found in public and private collections in Japan, England, Europe, Australia and Canada.

Inside Out | acrylic | 12x12
Inside Out | acrylic | 12×12
Inside Out #2 | acrylic | 12x12
Inside Out #2 | acrylic | 12×12
3 Second Rule | bronze | 3x9x7
3 Second Rule | bronze | 3x9x7
Don't kill the goose! | bronze | 5x12x7
Don’t kill the goose! | bronze | 5x12x7