Art by Alex Merchant – Abstracts Art Exhibition –

Artist: Alex Merchant of New York, NY

2013 Abstracts Art Exhibition –

Alex is a painter and photographer based in New York City.  Originally from St. Louis, he has always maintained a fascination with architecture and urban cultures.  When entering any city, he culls together source materials from several historical sites, advertising companies and various city locales, often using photography in his process.  Ultimately, he attempts to understand the systems that turn a place into a “happening.”

As an artist deeply grounded in social context, Alex tries to form linear connections between his past and present experiences.  He is largely influenced by his upbringing in the midwest—an area heavily impacted by race-politics and industrial commerce.  Abandoned factories, schools, and business buildings in US metropolitan areas act as narratives for revealing the factors that impact the contemporary urban landscape.  His interests have led Alex across different parts of the globe to explore the social, economic, and visual relationships between minority groups and place.  His art incorporates a wide range of media, historical documents, pop iconography, and current events in order to demystify the politics in geography.

Title: Cell  Medium: Mixed Media  Size: 102" x 108"
Title: Cell
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 102″ x 108″