Donna Howard – Southwest vs Northeast – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio Magazine – Southwest vs Northeast

Artist: Donna Howard – Woburn, MA

I imagine myself a storyteller more than anything. The bright colors, noticeable from a distance, are the first lure. When you get closer to the curious characters they begin to tell a story, one that brings people joy and laughter. The painted stories are mine, but the universal emotional nature of humans means viewers see their own story inside. The multidimensionality makes it universally appealing to anyone who ever felt stuck, as I once did. My art explores life-changing decision-making, addiction and the quest to find the pieces of life worthy of exploring further. I’m aware of the quirkiness in my work. Without the whimsy the paintings wouldn’t make MY artistic statement; the laughter is the best part of the journey. I’m the Mad Hatter at my very own tea party, opening people up to the absurd and encouraging them to thoroughly enjoy it.

Title: Glass Bottom Boeing  Medium: acrylic  Size: 24x18
Title: Glass Bottom Boeing
Medium: acrylic
Size: 24×18