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As artist, I tend to redefine the causes of my emotions, my thoughts, my feelings through imaginary maps for showing and sharing the human mental architecture.

My abstract paintings conjure ambiguous, implausible and chaotic urban landscapes or natural landscapes.

I develop pictural & textual languages which come to interior and exterior, orientation, respective positions of the objects and human nature in space, of self and otherness. I work about art topography, a way to design new alphabet, to create a full-fledged language with a unique writing, original and lively to translate and read our emotional maps.

Colorful shapes are unexpected, strong, and playful, and in making them he relies on techniques of improvisation and free movement. It is a way to view and fix my thoughts flow using lines, shapes, signs and codes. One can also think of imaginary landscapes that illustrate this and are freed of physical laws: gravitation, levitation, balances, trajectories, order. The compositions are fragmented, tectonic, in fragile balance, with bright colors such as those used for geological surveys and the establishment of maps.

Title:In the Liifeline Poortial Medium:	acrylic Size:	32"x32"
Title: In the Liifeline Poortial
Medium: acrylic
Size: 32″x32″
Title:Tiichy Igael Medium:	acrylic Size:	32"x32"
Title: Tiichy Igael
Medium: acrylic
Size: 32″x32″
Title:Among Faarbwecsee Etiquett Medium:	acrylic Size:	32"x32"
Title: Among Faarbwecsee Etiquett
Medium: acrylic
Size: 32″x32″

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