Maria Veronica Valarino de Abreu – Q2 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

For me, being an artist is to joyfully celebrate what I am passionate about: Art, history and culture. I wish I can create something distinctive and have a unique artistic voice to carry me through into a larger context. I am unquestionably impacted by everything around me, but it is my connection with historical works, what excites me. The imagery that I choose and the approach to that imagery necessarily needs to have a reference to the past, particularly to the Renaissance and Baroque master’s works, which fascinate me by their extraordinary details, their refined beauty and their symbolic intention.

In my 3D work, I have been influenced by artists that work more with sculptural forms than pottery, and who typically feature very large replicas of everyday objects. Inspired by the works of Claes Oldemburg, Sylvia Hyman, Richard Shaw, Victor Spinski and Marilyn Levine. I love to play with that sense of scale, and with a simple gesture make us look at things we think we know, and represent them in a complete new light. TI am fascinated by the idea of taking that earring, a delicate luxurious material, and making it into this heavy mump of clay, and how this object changes through the materials that is made in.

Title:Obsessed with Art Medium:	Charcoal Size:	36" x 24"
Title: Obsessed with Art
Medium: Charcoal
Size: 36″ x 24″
Title:Gigantic Pearl Earring Medium:	Clay, Glaze, Acrylic Paint Size:	9" x 9' x 4"
Title: Gigantic Pearl Earring
Medium: Clay, Glaze, Acrylic Paint
Size: 9″ x 9′ x 4″