Tom Acevedo – Portraits Art Exhibition

Artist: Tom Acevedo of Dorchester, MA

2013 Portraits Art Exhibition –

My current paintings are somewhat autobiographical, an expression of what I’m working through in my life. “ Breaking the Bonds”  was painted during one of the most difficult times in my recovery when I realized I had to let go of some of my shortcomings . “Leaving Paradise” addresses the questions of why I am always looking outside of myself for something that can only be found inside and right where my feet are standing.I paint because it is the only thing I know that I need to do, when my mind is not in the past or the future but in the moment.  Because I feel, I paint. It is a gift for me and one from the universe and in the past 20 years that gift was squandered and ignored.  It is only in these past two years that I have begun to paint again for myself. Painting for me is meditative, cathartic, and emotional. I truly feel I am blessed to have this venue for expression. If I can connect with one person through my painting I am happy.

My Paintings are Figurative. I love the male form and expressing a quiet vulnerability and masculinity at the same time.  The paintings are figurative painting but I try to transfer an emotion or a stage of my spiritual growth onto the canvas.  Layer by layer I apply acrylic paint and glaze building references to the emotion I am trying to express. In spite of its personal nature, my work relays a struggle with life’s trials and burdens that is universally felt and understood.With each painting I attempt to challenge myself with

lighting and with exaggerated, twisting poses that appear disturbing without being offensive. I would like to bring a beauty  that is deeper than the physical a emotional, universal touching of the soul while telling a story, to connect with the viewer. Isn’t that what every artist wants?


Title: Tonglen   Medium: acrylic on Canvas  Size: 20x28
Title: Tonglen
Medium: acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20×28

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