Marv Roussan & Erwan Saunier – 2015 Portraits Art Exhibition

Marv Roussan – Tucson, AZ –

Marv has studied many styles, yet the one thing that fascinates him the most is color. No matter how much he works and plays with it, he is always surprised by the combinations and intensities. Marv states, “I love painting expression of people and animals. I am drawn to the eyes, for I believe they are the windows to the soul.” It does not matter rather he is painting real life or still life, color will be present.

While living in Washington DC, the “artist” in him came alive. It was then that he moved to NYC and he started attending the School of Visual Arts. Marv received his BA in Illustration in 2000.
He then moved to San Francisco where he attended Academy of Art College and worked on his MFA. Marv later moved back to NYC and he pursued his love of painting and photograph for numerous years. His travels have included Mexico, Egypt, South Africa and Uganda, Africa.
Marv L. Roussan was raised in WY, but has lived around the United States including Tucson, AZ; Washington, DC; New York City, NY; San Francisco, CA; and Uganda, Africa for three months volunteering with Global Volunteer Networks.

Marv currently resides in Tucson, AZ with his rescue dog and cat, Cooper and Riley.

TitleThe Gift   Medium	Oil on Canvas   Size	30x24 inches
Title The Gift
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 30×24 inches
TitleGreen Man   Medium	Oil on Canvas   Size	30x40 inches
Title Green Man
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 30×40 inches
TitleGirl With Green Eyes   Medium	Oil on Canvas   Size	30x40 inches
Title Girl With Green Eyes
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 30×40 inches

Erwan Saunier – New York, NY

Title"Anouk"   Medium	Oil painting   Size	18' x 24'
Title “Anouk”
Medium Oil painting
Size 18′ x 24′
Title"Moustache man"   Medium	Oil painting   Size	18'x 24'
Title “Moustache man”
Medium Oil painting
Size 18’x 24′
Title"Portrait"   Medium	Photo/Pencil   Size	7'x 5'
Title “Portrait”
Medium Photo/Pencil
Size 7’x 5′