Curtis Frederick – Abstracts – Artist Portfolio Magazine

I was born in 1969 in Dallas, Texas and raised in Mesquite, Texas for the majority of my younger life. I now reside in Rockwall, Texas where I own a landscape business. Art for me started at a very young age in elementary school and continued into high school. I won my first art exhibition juried over several high schools in the area. When I graduated from high school I enrolled in a community college to get my associates degree. While I was there, I took all the drawing and sculpture classes available. In my second year I took a ceramic course that honestly I was not excited to do, but surprisingly I fell in love with working with clay. The three dimensional sculpting was just what I needed. I received an art scholarship to another college, however due to a relationship I was involved in at that time, I turned it down. I left school at that point and didn’t do art for many years.

Ten years later I enrolled in a continuing education ceramics class and immediately got hooked again. Currently I am doing paintings and ceramic, metal, and wood sculptures. In combination with my landscape business, I am pursuing a full time art career. In hope of one day to leave a legacy in art and fulfill my dreams.

My biggest influencers in sculpting are Henry Moore, Tony Craig and Doug Jeck. Painting influencers are Marc Chagall, Jackson Pollock, and William De Kooning. My sculptures are primarily influenced by the figurative female form. However, due to my experience in landscape and nature, they can become more organic in shape and form. In my most recent works, I have included both male and females in a sexual suggestive approach. I work through feelings, emotions and get other influences through music and my own personal experiences.

Title:Sister Grove Medium:	Clay Size:	19Hx10Wx8in
Title: Sister Grove
Medium: Clay
Size: 19Hx10Wx8in
Title:Penicillin Medium:	Clay Size:	24Hx17Wx15in
Title: Penicillin
Medium: Clay
Size: 24Hx17Wx15in
Title:Troise des vagins Medium:	Clay Size:	23Hx10.5Wx10in
Title: Troise des vagins
Medium: Clay
Size: 23Hx10.5Wx10in
Title:American Chaos Medium:	Arcylic Size:	28.5Hx16.5Wx1in
Title: American Chaos
Medium: Arcylic
Size: 28.5Hx16.5Wx1in