Tijana Petrovic – Q1 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Tijana Petrović is a graphic technology engineer from Zagreb, Croatia. Since her early age she’s interested in various types of creative activities such as drawing, painting, sewing and singing. When she was a child she was especially fascinated by how 3d motiv can be transferred to 2d surface and that was why she started to develop her drawing and painting skills.
After graduating from high school she applied to the Faculty of Graphic Arts. She considered to apply to the Academy of Fine Arts but decided to go into direction of design instead, because in Croatia artistic market is undeveloped. Therefore, there is no major demand for artworks and there is no much space for development and achievement in that field. Graphic design was a compromise between creativity and technology.
She had an internship in Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and spent a year there working as a graphic editor. She designed different books, logos, posters, banners and other printing materials.
After she has finished the internship she made a decision to spend time doing what she never stopped dreaming about-to paint and to try to find a way to the audience that would recognise a value in her work. She paints on canvas with acrylic paint. Figurative painting is her preference but there are no rules when inspiration strikes. Every painting she makes has a background story and is inspired by her everyday life and events. Therefore, every piece has an emotional value and has been made with a lot of attention.

Title:The Interruptor Medium:	Acrylic Size:	70x50 cm (27,5x20 in)
Title: The Interruptor
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 70×50 cm (27,5×20 in)
Title:I Let Myself Go Medium:	Acrylic Size:	80x80 cm (31,5x31,5 in)
Title: I Let Myself Go
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 80×80 cm (31,5×31,5 in)
Title:Life Is in My Hands Medium:	Acrylic Size:	30x80 cm (12x31,5 in)
Title: Life Is in My Hands
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 30×80 cm (12×31,5 in)
Title:I Am Waiting for You Medium:	Acrylic Size:	80x60 cm (31,5x23,5 in)
Title: I Am Waiting for You
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 80×60 cm (31,5×23,5 in)