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I was born in Zagreb, Croatia. I graduated from the University of Zagreb with a degree in Bachelor of Arts with a Specialization in Technology of Textile and Clothing Design, as well as a degree from the School of Applied Arts.
I exhibited artwork in galleries in Toronto, USA, South America and Europe.
It’s been incredibly rewarding as an artist to work with a variety of mediums. One of them is clay; the sturdy material lends itself wonderfully to creating sculptures. This process enables me to express my visions through the tactile experience.
Angel sculpture shows a delicate sensuality and anthropomorphic elements.These pieces are not merely descriptive, but open to various interpretations: in particular, they suggest a process of deconstruction, recontextualization and assemblage from concepts and experiences from everyday life. Angels do come from my dreamy state of mind, especially when I meditate. I wouldn’t say that I am religious but more that I am on a spiritual path, involved with myself on a deeper level.
An Angel is celestial being who is egoless, in fact the word angel comes from Greek and translates to the phrase” messenger of God”. They are the deliverers of love and guidance.

Title:Gabriel,Uriel,Michael Medium: clay Size:h.12",8",12"w.5",8",7"
Title: Gabriel,Uriel,Michael
Medium: clay
Size: h.12″,8″,12″w.5″,8″,7″Title: Gabriel,Uriel,Michael
Medium: clay
Size: h.12″,8″,12″w.5″,8″,7″
Title:Ariel Medium: clay Size:h.9"w.7"
Title: Ariel
Medium: clay
Size: h.9″w.7″
Title:Jophiel Medium: clay Size:h.8" w.9"
Title: Jophiel
Medium: clay
Size: h.8″ w.9″
Title:Michael Medium: clay Size:h.12"w.7"
Title: Michael
Medium: clay
Size: h.12″w.7″

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