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Magdalena Wozniak Melissourgaki | Herakleion Crete, Greece

Mandalena Wozniak Melissourgaki was born in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland but now she lives and works in Crete, Greece. From an early age, it was obvious that her biggest love is painting and she started participate to a lot of art competitions. She studied Fine Art at the Warsaw School of Art and then went on to get another degree in Multimedia Graphics. Trained in graphics art, she does illustrations, book covers, art installation and animation. A self-motivated and passionate artist, she paints in a variety of mediums- oils, pastels, charcoals, and works on various creative projects.

Mandalena combines the classical with modernity, as she takes a timeless subject or topic and presents a modern rendition of it. She redefines and recreates a traditional idea, by imparting expression through brush strokes. She loves doing portraits and pays special attention to get a true likeness of the eyes as she firmly believes that our “eyes are the windows to our souls”. Her opinion is that the skillful use of the art isn’t only the attempt of reflection the reality but first of all, the most accurate devise of emotion.

From the true and deep love to the art she teaches the sensibility of emotion and beauty to the new generation. Mandalena is an honorary member of Children’s Biennale and jury at Children’s Art Gallery in Greece. She believes that the art influences imagination and calmness and except that is the most universal language in the world.

Also, over the years she has been cooperated with the Archaeological Museum, located on Crete and until now she is making official and certificated copies of the most important artefacts and images from the Minoan Civilization collection.

Mandalena is a co-organizer and Jury committee president at the Aegean Arts International Festival on Crete and Honorary member of Biennale in Greece and Museum Curator . In 2019, she participated to “The Folklore Museum” in Episkopi, in Palaiochora at Chania, to “Art Gallery Rome” in Rome, to in Zurich and to “ArtExpoProject” in Venice semi finalist to ART EXPO MIAMI 2019 . Mandalena had a solo exhibition in the El Greco Museum and Virtual Exhibition (Corona virus) on World Virtual Museum 06/0420. Furthermore, her work was published at the “The new Art Book 2019” from the Art Freaks Global,XVI Spotlight magazine Circle foundation for the Art , Outsider art magazine 3 USA 2019.Member and Ambasador for Greece of Mondial Art Academia.

In her last exhibition she presented an artwork collection which have shown the connection, but also the difference between the traditional and modern art. The goal of this collection was to pay attention on emotions which are the trait of modern art. Paintings were in couples, one was realistic and the other one was a description of feelings. Main part of the exhibition was dedicated to the metaphor of windows and the light pouring into the dark room. In her work she used different type of technique which influenced for different form of perception the same window. It was a theme which specially encouraged the reflection and made you think about the future.

This exhibition was the key to the imagination and was inviting the visitors to an amazing trip on their reflection.

Mandalena is an artist with a lot of great success and the last years her work was presented in few newspapers. Her works are in the collections of many private and corporate collectors from such countries as USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Turkey etc.

Furthermore, I am an art therapist for people that suffer from mental diseases.

  • 1st PLACE FOR ANIMATIONS 2017-2018


-7 BIENNALE 2016-2017

1 AWARD- The best art teacher award

-UNICEF 2015-2016



EMBASSY OF EGYPT-ATHENSwork with children on the subject of Egypt

-1st Avard for 8 INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE -THE BEST ART TECHER AWARD 2018https://creta24.gr/irakleio-mikroi-mathites-vraveytikan-se-diagonismo-technis/?fbclid=IwAR22jbtny-86b6Yxor7VxWqRvxWzP5zmZCoa1N2_0D_QxqvdtC1ROCaPUeA


-Semi Finalist by the Jury of the ARTbox project MIAMI 2019 ( MIAMI Art Week December 2019)


04-12/07/15 Aegean Art International Festival / International exhibition

12-20/05/19 Art Flow Gallery -International exhibition

02-16/06/19 SOLOExhibition on MUSEUM EL GRECO CRETE


15-19/08/19ARTBOX/PROJECT ZURICH and shown at the SWISSARTEXPO



06/04/20 Virtual Exhibition (Corona virus) on World Virtual Museum

I'm still waiting for you... | Acrylic on canvas pallet knife | 50x70 cm
I’m still waiting for you… | Acrylic on canvas pallet knife | 50×70 cm
Memories... | Acrylic on canvas pallet knife | 50x70 cm
Memories… | Acrylic on canvas pallet knife | 50×70 cm
I follow you... | Acrylic on canvas pallet knife | 50x70 cm
I follow you… | Acrylic on canvas pallet knife | 50×70 cm
She's waiting... | Acrylic on canvas pallet knife | 50x70 cm
She’s waiting… | Acrylic on canvas pallet knife | 50×70 cm