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Andrew Binder | Bronx, NY

I create my work by digital painting, digital collage and/or image editing, which I often combine with other elements I’ve made using traditional mediums such as acrylic paint, watercolor, tempera, papier-mâché, ink, etc. as well as with non-traditional components such as tape, torn paper and coffee stains. I combine these various elements together through digital means to compose a final image.

My work is influenced by a variety of interests and diverse sources including but not limited to: German/Austrian Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, antiquity, graphic novels, speculative fiction, Symbolism, Existentialism and history. In my work, I look to create imagery that conveys a sense of atmosphere, emotion or metaphor. My goal is to speak to the subconscious of the viewer or simply leave an emotional impression, allowing room for the viewer to interpret their own personal meaning.

 Untitled (Covid-19 Isolation Study 1) | Digital, Acrylic Paint | 20" x 16"

 Untitled (Covid-19 Isolation Study 3) | Digital, Acrylic Paint | 20" x 16"

Study of a Hand | Digital, Acrylic Paint | 24" x 18"

Untitled (Covid-19 Isolation Study 4) | Digital Painting | 20" x 16"