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Vasundhara Tolia | Bloomfield Hills, MI

Vasu’s works mainly portray nature, humanity and earth. Each subject, whether a human, animal, still life, nature or abstraction is caught in a particular moment in time from life experiences and memories. She wants the viewer to interpret it in their own way to discover their voice and mood in her painting. This enables her to communicate on a personal level without words.

Her major goal is to evoke a feeling of peacefulness, serenity or nostalgia— to create a feeling rather than an object or a subject. This is because she’s very interested in calming, relaxing as well as inspiring the viewer. Strokes and geometric shapes in different directions create texture, rhythm and forms in her paintings. She sketches out ideas as a Notan and then modifies them as the painting evolves. She uses acrylic or mixed media mainly. She also likes to explore newer horizons using color, texture and their relationship by experimenting further using processes of glazing, sanding, adding and subtracting in the background and in figures themselves. She delights to see these characters unfold a new story.

She is a strong advocate for human rights, specially women’s. This passion inspired her to do a solo show depicting roles of women at various stages of life in different capacities. She expands on this theme of empowering Women’s Role in everyday life in the community, state, country and the world using her muse – WOMAN – through art . Paintings women with different techniques makes her work personally more meaningful, eg; using newspaper, stamps . Her women are role models disseminating love, peace and inspiration .Her goal is to provide a spiritually uplifting experience while delivering message of respect and equality for women to the world. She likes to depict planet earth theme also.

Together we Stand | Mixed media | 48x48"
Together we Stand | Mixed media | 48×48″
Awesome Earth | Mixed media | 36x48"
Awesome Earth | Mixed media | 36×48″
In Nature's Lap | Acrylic | 30x30"
In Nature’s Lap | Acrylic | 30×30″
The World United | Mixed media | 20x30"
The World United | Mixed media | 20×30″