Featured Artist | Rachel Weissberger

Featured Artist | Rachel Weissberger

Northridge, CA

My story is the unconventional one; I did not paint or draw as a child, nor did I attend art classes or art schools; I was always told that I have to study to succeed in life, so I studied and became a registered nurse. At the age of 36, I decided to register my kids for art classes. As I waited for them to finish the session, a young instructor approached me with a pencil and paper and insisted that I draw through my boredom. Needless to say, I was touched by the magic and I signed up for art classes along with my children.

From that point on I attended many art classes and workshops. A few years later I met my teacher and mentor, world renowned artist Renee Amitai, who has guided, encouraged, and supported me through all of my painting endeavors

That one moment of apparent boredom while waiting for my kids made it clear to me that I would be creating art for the rest of my life. The joy I find in creating images from my imagination is indescribable. Using vibrant colors and loose brush strokes to put a mind full of thoughts onto canvas is a rewarding, relaxing and surreal experience.

Reflections Triptych | Oil on canvas | 3 canvases each is 30x15 for total of 30"x45"
Reflections Triptych | Oil on canvas | 3 canvases each is 30×15 for total of 30″x45″
Solitude | Oil on canvas | 30"x20"
Solitude | Oil on canvas | 30″x20″
Day Dreaming | Oil on canvas | 24"x24"
Day Dreaming | Oil on canvas | 24″x24″
Girls Night Out_ 2 | Oil on canvas | 30"x15"
Girls Night Out_ 2 | Oil on canvas | 30″x15″