Featured Artist | Pearl Mintzer

Pearl Mintzer
New Hope, PA

Most of my art originates from my own photographs. I like to create slices of Life that are whimsical and alive with vibrant colors. Images are often Presented in macro, larger than life form. I take what is very realistic And make it into my own often dramatic imagery. In order to achieve this I use computer graphics and digital art. I am a pioneer in both. I used them In my own company.

We designed and manufactured Gift With Purchase Products for Cosmetics Companies and Departments. I designed and manufactured all sorts of products for give aways. We even did custom fabrics. Using this technology I can try on hundreds or even thousands Of ways to alter my photos. My only limit is my own creativity.

Once I have Decided what my final image will be I make a sketch and put it on the canvas. It still may not be final because it often changes when I paint it.

I mostly use oils. I like luminous and metallic colors. I try to portray positive, whimsical colorful images. Images that will make the viewer smile.

Retro Chic | Mixed Media | 40x28
Retro Chic | Mixed Media | 40×28
Always Kissing Frogs | Mixed Media | 38x38
Always Kissing Frogs | Mixed Media | 38×38
Brain Scan | Mixed Media | 38x38
Brain Scan | Mixed Media | 38×38
Peace And Freedom | Mixed Media | 40x30
Peace And Freedom | Mixed Media | 40×30