Kailee Finn | Featured Artist Issue 51

Kailee Finn
Valley Stream, NY

Kailee’s art can be found on Page 19 of Issue 51.

I’m going into my junior year at FIT NYC and I major in illustration. Since I was a junior in High School, I’ve been into making social/political artwork. I feel it is necessary to bring attention to issues in our society through metaphoric creativity.

My main medium is chalk pastels but I’m very familiar with other mediums as well. I enjoy recreating old artwork in a modern and more inclusive light that highlights life aside from what was portrayed in the media.

My work is primarily centered around the black experience and how we navigate through our pain. We dig deep into our past with resilience as the foundation for our future and my art reflects that. I specialize in portraiture and plan on doing religious artwork in the future.

Our Scarecrow | Chalk Pastel | 19x25
Our Scarecrow | Chalk Pastel | 19×25
Queen Damali | Chalk Pastel | 17x24
Queen Damali | Chalk Pastel | 17×24
Homecoming | Chalk Pastel | 19x25
Homecoming | Chalk Pastel | 19×25
Ye Trapped | Chalk Pastel | 19x25
Ye Trapped | Chalk Pastel | 19×25