Bill Shelton, Candace Holden & Dennis Neal Vaughn – Landscapes Art Exhibition

2014 Landscapes Art Exhibition –

Bill Shelton – Los Angeles, CA

Title:Jungle highway Medium:Acrylic Size:18x24
Title: Jungle highway
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 18×24
Title:Neighbors Medium:Acrylic Size:18x24
Title: Neighbors
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 18×24

Candace Holden – Cochrane, Canada

Edgar Degas said “Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do”. 

My goal is to stay on the path where I constantly learn, grow and experience.  I want to continually work through the difficulties and produce results that are easy to be interpreted and enjoyed,…Candace Holden

Candace paints predominantly landscapes but has recently become intrigued by portraits.  Landscapes show where you have been, the feel of that location, and they invite the viewer to step into that place.  Portraits mark a sense of time for an individual.  They not only capture the persons face, but their expression, their mood, and it stimulates the audience to think about many things.  What was that person like? What did they do?  Thoughts are endless when viewing artwork.

Born and raised in Calgary and the surrounding area, Candace has found home in the Cochrane Foothills.  Candace worked in the downtown Oil and Gas business for the majority of her career.  Being downtown, she would always pop into the Galleries and admire the artwork hanging on the walls.  She always appreciated the creativity of artists; whether through music, dance, sculpture or painting.  She decided to exercise her own latent talent in the art world.  Candace took her first oil painting class in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since.

Candace expanded her skills as an artist by having great mentorship.  She is predominantly self-taught and has become a student of art, absorbing information like a sponge. She has attended regular clinics with several renowned artists (Rick Berg, Murray Phillips, Doug Swinton, Jerry Markham to name a few).  Candace joined art clubs and institutions that provided her with the necessary tools to develop into an artist.

Candace gets her inspiration from her family and being outdoors.  An artist friend once told her “When you paint, you start to look at things differently, you see so much more than you used to” – maybe because you actually take the time to see!

Candace took those words to heart and now spends the majority of her time in her studio creating and developing her style.  She has established a regular following through affiliations with art clubs and associations.  Candace has participated in private as well as juried shows and sales and has the support of many wonderful people.

“I don’t want to be interesting.  I want to be good.”  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Member of the Canadian Federation of Artists and the Leighton Art Centre

Title:Rest in Peace Medium:Oil Size:22 x 30
Title: Rest in Peace
Medium: Oil
Size: 22 x 30
Title:Fall in Bearspaw Medium:Oil Size:9 x 12
Title: Fall in Bearspaw
Medium: Oil
Size: 9 x 12

Dennis Neal Vaughn – San Francisco, CA


“To see beauty at any moment all you have to do is really look and you will find it.

Beauty surrounds you always, it is just a matter of taking the time.”
– Dennis Neal Vaughn

Title:Golden Gate Bridge from Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA Medium:iPad Drawing, printed on Rives BFK paper with Archival Pigments Size:19.5 x 14.5
Title: Golden Gate Bridge from Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA
Medium: iPad Drawing, printed on Rives BFK paper with Archival Pigments
Size: 19.5 x 14.5
Title:Bodega Head Arch, Bodega Bay, CA Medium:iPad Drawing, printed on Rives BFK paper with Archival Pigments Size:14.5 x 19.5
Title: Bodega Head Arch, Bodega Bay, CA
Medium: iPad Drawing, printed on Rives BFK paper with Archival Pigments
Size: 14.5 x 19.5

8 thoughts on “Bill Shelton, Candace Holden & Dennis Neal Vaughn – Landscapes Art Exhibition

  1. I observe (because I’m like that) that Dennis Neal Vaughn’s work is done on an iPad. This I do not comprehend.
    The other thing I do not comprehend is that the two works shown here are completely different kinds: but I’m going to take a punt and suggest that both are originally photos that have been dealt with in post-prod. in different ways … yes ?

    1. Yes they were created on my iPad using the Brushes app which is the same one David Hockney uses. Drawing is a language that the subject matter dictates in what way it is to be communicated. There is no photo post production manipulation.

      1. GOSH !! – then I really am impressed !! The work is super ! Just goes to show how old farts have no idea of the potential of today’s technology …

  2. It seems that he may have drawn the photos on his iPad. A digital drawing. Here is a blurb from his website – “All images were created on an iPad using the Brushes App (The Brushes App is also used by artist David Hockney.) and Procreate App.”

    I’ve seen more and more art done in this fashion.

    1. As the artist, for me, the iPad is just another tool, like deciding which brush, or medium to work in as an artist. They are all valid and should be equally embraced. Look at the work of Chuck Close who works exclusively from photos, grids them off and then upscales the image onto canvas painting each grid/square on the reference photo. He is not the only artist to use all means available to him. Andy Warhol screen prints or artists who use a projector to scale and draw their images. David Hockney has always embraced and used new technology as each one has come along. All is valid.

  3. Bodega Head Arch accepted into Pacific Art League Juried Show

    Bodega Head Arch, Bodega Bay, CA, by artist Dennis Neal Vaughn has been accepted into a juried show of 26 pieces.

    BayCentric Juried Show
    Pacific Art League, 668 Ramona Street, Palo Alto, CA

    Opening Friday, August 1.
    EXHIBITION DATES August 1st-28th, 2014

    OPENING RECEPTION First Friday, August 1st, 2014,
    5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

    BayCentric explores the complex interaction of culture, language, history, industry and geography that make the San Francisco Bay Area a hotbed for artistic expression. Subject matter will portray the experience of the Bay Area figuratively or abstractly. Juror Donna Napper.

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