Donna Howard, Lorraine Cahill & Helen Buck – International Art Exhibition

Internaitonal Art Exhibition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Donna Howard – Woburn, MA

I was born into the Witness Protection Program so the details of my childhood have been kept from me for my own safety. I was released when it was discovered that I was never in any real danger at all. I was turned out into the street with a written apology, a pat on the head and a detailed invoice payable to the FBI for all that protection I never even needed. Talk about being behind before you even begin. Actually, I was recently paroled from a 15 year sentence in an office cube. It was a fortunate occurrence if you consider all the time I wasted wishing the window directly behind me could open. I grieved for about 5 seconds before going to my attic to find the paint brushes  I remember being so fond of  in college. They were a tad dusty and a little more than “slightly miffed” due to my neglect.  It seems they forgave me after I introduced them to the shiny new tubes of paint I had purchased just for them. Now our days are spent in joyful anticipation of the challenges each new blank canvas presents.
Except for the part about having a sketchy childhood, the first bit was a complete fabrication. sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Title:Fats and the Raven Medium: Acrylic Size:24x18"
Title: Fats and the Raven
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 24×18″
Title:pothead Medium: Acrylic Size:28x22"
Title: pothead
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 28×22″
Title:owEl Medium: Acrylic Size:28x22"
Title: owEl
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 28×22″

Helen Buck – Austin, TX

I create two dimensional images that speak to the vision of the world through the eyes of the innocent.

I began studying ways to express these beautiful, profound and sometimes disturbing images while studying at the University of Cincinnati, DAAP as an adult student and subsequently opened my first professional studio in The Pendleton Building in Cincinnati in 1988. This move continued to push those boundaries of innocence/loss of innocence expressed through nature with the encouragement of artistic peers, critiques and the public who often visited her studio.

Influences of my Midwestern roots and studies at the University of Cincinnati, DAAP fine arts program are clearly a legacy found in many of my paintings. However, upon moving to Dallas, Texas 16 years ago, my work experienced a decided shift in color pallet and theme.

Additionally, travel  throughout my life, following that ever fascinating “road less traveled” in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America, as well as, many other parts of the world has provided experiences and access to great art as well as the ability to study some of the world’s greatest artists and their works.  My artistic efforts are a part of my experiences in these travels and are an attempt to represent natural elements graphically depicted in high color contrast and rich lighting effects. Contemporary floral images to abstract landscapes and representational images with a contemporary approach are all embodied in my offerings as a fine artist and student of nature.

Today, from my Studio in South Austin, I find inspiration in all directions from the pristine nature preserve adjacent to my studio to the vibrant, eclectic character that is Austin.

Current and past representation includes Austin Art and Frame, Davis and Company Fine  Art, Gallery by Jeanna Marino, Creekside Gallery, Real Gallery and Art Design Consultants (ADC). Additionally, my art is included in numerous private and corporate collections.

Title:Wasach I Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size:48" x 48"
Title: Wasach I Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 48″ x 48″
Title:Wasach II Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size:48" x 48"
Title: Wasach II Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 48″ x 48″
Title:Kio Pond Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size:48" x 60"
Title: Kio Pond Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 48″ x 60″

Lorrain Cahill – Pipersville, PA

My name is Lorraine Cahill and I am a self-driven artist with unlimited vision, dedication and years of experience. My unique talent and style has the ability to harness anyone’s imagination. Each one of my murals represents the collaboration of my style and all of my client’s ideas. I have created murals for the University of medicine & Dentistry of NJ, as well as in a variety of fine restaurants and private homes in New Jersey & Pennsylvania. I have exhibited and sold paintings on Broadway in the Soho neighborhood of NYC.

I have a BFA from Moore College of art & design in Philadelphia with a major in textile design & fashion. In 1997, under the tutelage of Vladmir Tineav, I studied classical painting in Moscow Russia.

I have experience in painting all types of material & surfaces including interior & exterior walls, designs on cars, furniture, fashion fabrics, costumes (stage & movies).

To contact me, please send an e-mail to:

Title:Tuesday Medium:	Silkpainting Size:	44x44
Title: Tuesday
Medium: Silkpainting
Size: 44×44
Title:Zoe Medium:	Silkpainting Size:	44x44
Title: Zoe
Medium: Silkpainting
Size: 44×44
Title:Broken Glass Medium:	Silkpainting Size:	44x44
Title: Broken Glass
Medium: Silkpainting
Size: 44×44