Marty Martinez and Holly Siniscal – Portraits Art Exhibition

Holly Siniscal – Henderson NV –

Portraiture allows me to connect and bring out the personalities in my
Subjects. Amplifying certain moments like the line-tangled texture of hair and reflective qualities of light on skin create a hyper-real space of detail and fantasy. Collaborating with my subjects I exaggerate their individualistic qualities to portray a certain inner-emotionality, whether it be a quirky defiance or a dreamy melancholy.

TitleGraffiti   Medium	Color pencil   Size	18"x14"
Title Graffiti
Medium Color pencil
Size 18″x14″
TitleShadow Abby   Medium	Color pencil   Size	18.5"x27"
Title Shadow Abby
Medium Color pencil
Size 18.5″x27″
TitleOleander   Medium	color pencil   Size	30"x22.5"
Title Oleander
Medium color pencil
Size 30″x22.5″

Marty Martinez – South San Francisco, CA

TitleMr. Footsteps   Medium	Watercolor   Size	9" x 12"
Title Mr. Footsteps
Medium Watercolor
Size 9″ x 12″
TitleSelf Portrait   Medium	Acrylic   Size	9" x 12"
Title Self Portrait
Medium Acrylic
Size 9″ x 12″
TitleYoung Marlon   Medium	Oil   Size	12" x 16"
Title Young Marlon
Medium Oil
Size 12″ x 16″