Bruno Galuzzi Corsini – Anniversary Art Exhibition


Bruno Galuzzi Corsini is an artist who is originally from Brazil and now lives in Vancouver, Canada. He first graduated, in digital design at the Instituto Europeo di Design in São Paulo, Brazil, and then moved to Florence, Italy to undergo an intensive three year classical drawing and painting program at the Angel Academy of Art. He also taught drawing and painting at the Angel Academy for two years while being a student there. Bruno has always been interested in art, may it be traditional/digital paintings, video games, movies or design in general. Mixing both traditional and modern interests is his goal and with them show his ideas and passions through his work.

Artist’s Statement:

The images I paint are depictions of fictional stories. Even being fictional, they all have relationships to experiences I have personally had or that I see happening around me. With my paintings I hope to instigate curiosity and wonder, or even better, make the viewer want to be inside that world I created and experience it with vivid emotions.
The fact that I can paint a whole new world and create it on canvas in a manner that is understandable and felt by someone else when they look at it is what makes me interested in painting. That is one of the reasons I prefer a realistic aesthetic. Not only is realism a style I tend to prefer, I think it makes these fictional images draw near to reality and become believable to the viewer.

Title:Spellcaster Medium:	Oil Size:	12"x16"
Title: Spellcaster
Medium: Oil
Size: 12″x16″
Title:The Knight in Me Medium:	Oil Size:	10.5"x17"
Title: The Knight in Me
Medium: Oil
Size: 10.5″x17″
Title:Fear Itself Medium:	Oil Size:	16"x24"
Title: Fear Itself
Medium: Oil
Size: 16″x24″
Title:Sword in Hand, Greed of Command Medium:	Oil Size:	5'x6'
Title: Sword in Hand, Greed of Command
Medium: Oil
Size: 5’x6′