Thomas Acevedo – Anniversary Art Exhibition

.”one of the basic principals of art is the absence of lying. ..It means creating greater vision and greater sanity. When basic goodness is not expressed what you do is neurotic and destructive. This means that a artists production , manifestation, demonstration and performance should be geared to waking people up from their neurosis ”
Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Words I try to paint by.
Having come from a illustrative education at Mass Art I cannot help but make my paintings more literal in there story telling the issue with this type of painting is not to direct the person down one path but to take as many as one would like and at the end come away with a compassion or peace of mind that is universal but personal and not entirely my story .My Technique , in art and in life has been very much the same. When I first embarked on my art career I thought it would have to be one way , my eyes were not open to working in the arts while also keeping my passion for painting, my ideas were very closed to my way of doing . In life we may be unaware of the choice of paths we can take and at the time I lacked the faith in the natural order of things , that by doing the right thing in all aspects of art and career and life, the path of habit . A way to touch some ones fixed ideas can be through a creative “backdoor such as …
– Art as a way to tear down judgmental thinking, build compassion and extend a sense of healing
– Art as a way to connect to universal truths about the human condition – fears, joys, pleasure, pain.
– Art as a way to express that we are not alone, that in this moment someone out there is feeling something very similar.
– Art as a way to think outside the limits of one’s own self-centered concerns …
It is through working on my addiction that I have a greater appreciation for the “easy buttons” that we all have , not one of us is immune from pushing it when things get a little tense or at times not even tense but habitual. Just through helping others we get out of that mentality , we are less likely to focus on what we perceive as bad and good for us and what is good for others . In doing that together , we can be opened to a not so western way of thinking, and that would be ,, being . Instead of being abou, me , how can I express myself in a way that can add to the stream of life how can I make this place I live a better place.

Title:Flying the Coop Medium:	acrylic on canvas Size:	30x30
Title: Flying the Coop
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 30×30
Title:Awakening from Samsara Medium:	acrylic on cavas Size:	24x30
Title: Awakening from Samsara
Medium: acrylic on cavas
Size: 24×30
Title:Respite Medium:	Acrylic on canvas Size:	24x30
Title: Respite
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 24×30
Title:Idle Hands Medium:	acrylic on canvas Size:	16x20
Title: Idle Hands
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 16×20