Sabine Van Antwerpen-Engels – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Photography is a means in my search for the essence of ‘being’. What kind of person would i have been without the influence of my upbringing, society and culture. Every choice i made dictated my live and ultimately brought me somewhere i did not wish to be. It was than that i decided to chance, let go and search for ataraxis, or what the ancient Greek called ‘Otium’. It is a journey of uncertainty and frangibility.

The images emerge rather than that they are a result of a conscious process. Not controlling it, is an important part of my photography, this to let the purest form present itself.

Title:Otium 4 Medium:	photography
Title: Otium 4
Medium: photography
Title:Otium 3 Medium:	photography
Title: Otium 3
Medium: photography
Title:Otium 2 Medium:	photography
Title: Otium 2
Medium: photography
Title:Otium 1 Medium:	photography
Title: Otium 1
Medium: photography