Mary Galbraith – Q1 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Mary Galbraith is a Dallas based artist with over a decade of experience in the Arts. During her high-school years Mary spent countless hours traveling all across the state to study under various artists. In her youth, Mary’s art took a focus in photorealist portraiture in both oils and graphite. As she traveled, exhibited, and experienced, Mary broadened her horizons into various media such as; pen and ink, india ink, poster colours, and acrylics. In her adulthood her art has taken a focus in abstract fluid acrlyics. Inspired by nature, movement, and a little bit a whimsy, Mary’s bold fluid acrylic pieces are new and uncharted territory for the artist.

Title:Oil Slick Medium:	Fluid Acrylics Size:	24" x 30"
Title: Oil Slick
Medium: Fluid Acrylics
Size: 24″ x 30″
Title:When The Wind Blew Medium:	Fluid Acrlyics Size:	24" x 36"
Title: When The Wind Blew
Medium: Fluid Acrlyics
Size: 24″ x 36″
Title:Jupiter Medium:	Fluid Acrylics Size:	11" X 14"
Title: Jupiter
Medium: Fluid Acrylics
Size: 11″ X 14″
Title:Glacier Medium:	Fluid Acrylics Size:	16" X 20"
Title: Glacier
Medium: Fluid Acrylics
Size: 16″ X 20″