Karrie Ross – Q1 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

BIO: Karrie Ross is a native to Los Angeles and has been exhibiting her work since the 1980s. Her art is included in corporate, retail collections, and installations around the world. Exhibitions include over 125 shows from 2010 – 2016: a three Museum traveling exhibit 2014-2015, Italy, OAM and RAM; as well as local and regional Southern California museums LAMAG, MOAH; and contemporary art galleries. Ross also is available to guest lecture, and has been interviewed by a variety of arts entertainment shows. Among the curators who have selected her works are: Peter Frank, Max Presneill, Om Bleicher, Dale Youngman, Mat Gleason, Scott Canty, Maurizzio Hector Pineda, Ben Zask, Juri Koll, Cathy Weiss, Alfio Borghese, Tomas Benitez, Fatemeh Burnes, Jack Rutberg, Kio Griffith, Robin Hinchliffe, Jim Morphesis, Lori Garboushian, JoAnne Northrup, Karen Moss, among others. And has been written up in publications such as Hollywood Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Huffington Post, to name a few as well as reviews seen on the Essay page of her website. She publishes an, at least yearly, artist story art-project-book “Our Ever Changing World” with the main focus of creating community, and documenting the California Art Scene in her lifetime.

In the end, Ross is about the “seeing” of oneself and the knowing of ones personal energy. Her work is her on-going creative exploration and play.


“The motion of art actually creates its own physics. Visual Art in motion touches more people with a greater impact.”
~Karrie Ross

Through the processes of art-making, paintings, drawings, sculpture, art-book-projects, installations, curation, design, and feng shui energy exploration, I example ways that the universal energy enters our lives. Imagery ranging from the fluid, mysterious, simplicity/depth of line, thought and form holding attention.

Two things I ponder, question and pose to you.
“What is YOUR energy telling the world?”
“Be sure to develop a pattern of creating conscious play. There is FUN to be found in everything we do…”

Title:Crystal Ice Medium:	acrylic, gold metal leaf Size:	58"x48"
Title: Crystal Ice
Medium: acrylic, gold metal leaf
Size: 58″x48″
Title:Red Zen Medium:	acrylic Size:	58"x36"
Title: Red Zen
Medium: acrylic
Size: 58″x36″
Title:Blue Horizon Medium:	acrylic Size:	48"x58"
Title: Blue Horizon
Medium: acrylic
Size: 48″x58″
Title:Blue Pearl Medium:	acrylic Size:	58"x48"
Title: Blue Pearl
Medium: acrylic
Size: 58″x48″