Magdéleine Ferru – Q2 Art Competition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Magdéleine -JustMagd- is a french photographer, who, after studying photography in Montréal in 2002, has been traveling and trying to discover as much of the world as she could for the past 10 years
It is her exhibition “Tokyo dans mon Keitai” in Tokyo in 2009 (under the patronage of the French Ambassy) that makes her want to show more of her work. She, then gain self-confidence and obtain awards in different photo contest.
Since then she has exhibited with other artists at the Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, in May 2017, at the “Salon de la Photo” in Paris in 2015 and 2016, and at the ArtLab Show by Glitz Entertainment, in Vancouver (2014).
She has exhibited in solo in Toulouse last October her work about the old copper mine of Kennecott in Alaska.
Magdéleine loves meeting people, exploring historic site, cities, national park, etc…
She never ceases feeding her curiosity by traveling the world, discovering amazing place.
She likes mixing different style.
In her project “Glacier Art”, the cycle of the water inspires her, for its movement, and continual changes, its always the same but in different shape, texture, form, she wanted to explore ice and see through it.
Blue, white, cold, come closer, listen to the glacier whispering its song, crake.. merge yourself into its deepness, bubbling, melting, freezing. Natural art shaped with time and weather, discover those close up of a glacier and let your imagination wander; do you see a dancer, or may be a ghost ? it doesn’t matter as long as what you see is lead by your imagination…

Title:Glacier Art.Hands Medium:	Photography Size:	90x60
Title: Glacier Art.Hands
Medium: Photography
Size: 90×60
Title:Glacier Art.the hole Medium:	photography Size:	90x60
Title: Glacier Art.the hole
Medium: photography
Size: 90×60
Title:Glacier Art.Filament Medium:	photography Size:	90x60
Title: Glacier Art.Filament
Medium: photography
Size: 90×60
Title:Glacier Art.Bubles Medium:	photography Size:	90x60
Title: Glacier Art.Bubles
Medium: photography
Size: 90×60