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Artist Portfolio Magazine – Q2 Art Competition


Debbie Horton will always have the desert in her heart. Born and raised in Palm Springs, California, and traveling frequently throughout the Southwest, Debbie has absorbed the desert’s natural beauty and captured the vibrant colors and warmth in her paintings. But, her artistic talents do not stop there. Debbie’s abilities are widely ranged from cartoonist, illustrator, to graphic designer, art director and design firm business owner.
Her natural gift for creating whimsical cartoon characters through the years has allowed her work to be published in many advertising ads/campaigns, comic strips and books. Debbie is also a professional illustrator, able to draw a wide variety of subjects as needed in her advertising profession. She also worked in the publishing business at Palm Springs Magazine in Palm Springs, California. Starting as a production artist, then promoted to one of the top designers for the world renowned magazine. Debbie continued her passion for graphic design at “Multi-Media Advertising” in Palm Springs. She was hired as a designer, soon becoming the companies Senior Art Director for 5 years.
After moving to Orange County, Debbie started her own design firm, “Studio West Graphics”. She hired interns from Platt College, teaching students with hands-on projects. Her clients included; Ten Years After (Vietnam War Veteran’s Benefit Concert, Del Monte Jazz Festival, Toyota, Ford, Fila, Dunlop, Darlyn Design Sportswear, Bowers Museum, Sheraton Hotel, Target (bicycle product packaging), Prince (musician), Barbara Feldman (actress), Gold’s Gym, and Santa Anita Race Track, to name a few. Other graphic design experience includes creating a communications department for a local church in which Debbie and her staff designed and managed advertising, programs, power points, events and more for 17 ministries.
Debbie is currently moving full time into her painting career, having successful showings for “Aaron Brothers” and “Ojai Art in the Park”. Her current collection of paintings have been sold internationally, and are now showing at “Mystic Arts Gallery” in Laguna Beach, California. Her early works are published by Schiffer Publishing, in the coffee table book, “Contemporary Painters” by Danijela Kracun and Charles McFadden. Other publications are the cover for “Silicon Gate”, by Dr. Henry Jenny, and illustrations for book, “The Hollywood Blvd. Fantasy Theater” by JoEllen Talley.

“My greatest joy is watching people light up when they see my paintings. The women I create are filled with delicious colors, moving textures, and an un-spoken passion. I believe many people get that vibe!”
Debbie Horton

Title:She Prayed for Rain Medium:	Tissue, Acrylic Size:	12" x 24"
Title: She Prayed for Rain
Medium: Tissue, Acrylic
Size: 12″ x 24″
Title:xoxochilta Medium:	Tissue, Acrylic Size:	12" x 12"
Title: xoxochilta
Medium: Tissue, Acrylic
Size: 12″ x 12″
Title:One Time Too Fast Medium:	Tissue, Acrylic Size:	12" x 24
Title: One Time Too Fast
Medium: Tissue, Acrylic
Size: 12″ x 24
Title:Warrior Spirit Medium:	Tissue, Acrylic Size:	30" x 30"
Title: Warrior Spirit
Medium: Tissue, Acrylic
Size: 30″ x 30″