Featured Artist | Terry Crump

Terry Crump

Houston, TX


Terry Crump is an artist working in Houston, Texas. He received a BFA degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Born and raised in Endicott, New York, he moved with his wife and two daughters to Texas in 1979. He worked as a Graphic Designer and Supervisor in a corporate environment until 1999, when his focus changed to mural painting. He presently concentrates on fine art paintings on canvas.

He is or has been a member of several art organizations, local and national, and has participated in many art shows including those sponsored by the Visual Art Alliance, Artists Alive and Well, The Lawndale Art Center, The Hunting Prize, and The Assistance League of Houston. His work has been published in Art Galleries and Artists of thr South, Artist’s Portfolio Magazine, and The Artist’s Circle Vol. III, 2021.

Artist Statement

My art is layered like vails of wisdom settling on my phyche over time. I paint and scrub and sand the surface of a work then repeat the process until the history of mark-making reveals my inner self, when a vision unimagined ripens with power and emotion. Only then does a painting beg for community participation in a quest for beauty, truth and splendid imagery. It becomes a new reality, a place where mind and spirit meld to create an exceptional life.

Abstract art is the most difficult for me to make. It starts from nothing but bits of memory, shards of experience and a boatload of perseverance. I have studied the works and styles of many artists throughout history, so many that I am unsure of any individual artist having been more influencial to my painting than another. They’re all in there somewhere. The viewer of my work will only see me, alone among the floating forms and textured spaces.

If a single viewer can garner a modecum of meaning from my painting, then I will flourish and journey on.

Five Times Trouble | Acrylic on wood | 40" x 36"
Five Times Trouble | Acrylic on wood | 40″ x 36″
Yellow Bender | Acrylic on wood | 30" x 30"
Yellow Bender | Acrylic on wood | 30″ x 30″
City Park | Acrylic on wood | 30" x 30"
City Park | Acrylic on wood | 30″ x 30″