Terence Kneale – International Art Exhibition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

2014 International Art Exhibition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Terence Kneale – Cranbourne, Autralia

International Award winning photographer Terence Colin Kneale . I’ve been taking photographs since i was a kid . As an emerging professional artist i look foward to every day to create art and discover new things . I decided to enter some photography competitions in late 2010 and to date i’ve won 70 Awards Worldwide in catergories of Landscape , Still life , Portraits , Creative flair , Nature , best digital portrait , Best digital  animal , Best digital landscape , Publications in Photo Vibes Book , One . I was he Global Photo Awards 2010 Landscape Photographer of the Year , Best of Photography 2011 , Best of Photography2012 , Photographers Forum Book 2012 , Showartist issue 6 Magazine 2013 . Exhibited in 1650 Gallery , Figurative Art Exhibition , Lens Mist finalist 2011 , Kingston Art Exhibition 2011 .Finalist in Hampden awards 2012 , Finalist in Photographers Forum , Finalist in The International Fine Art Competition 2012 , Also Botanicals Art Competition 2012 Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Art , Published in Show Artist Magazine issue 6 2013 ,  Exhibited @ Darkroom Gallery Vermont 2013 , Awarded Special Recognition Award from Art Quench Gallery 2013 , Light Space & Time on-line Gallery Special Recognition Award For Outstanding Art 2013 . Featured on the home page of the Canadian International Digital photo Award 2013 . Finalist in the B&W Spider Awards in catergories of Nature & Fine Art .   Naure is what inspires me to capture these moments in time , to extract what i can from my vision , to create the highest emotion from all of the artistic avenues available . Photography is a great way to communicate & show ones feeling at the subject at hand . My Museum Archival Giclee printed photo’s can enrich any premises from small areas to large ones and guaranteed to last generations with the latest technology . My photo’s are printed on Archival Hahnemuhle 100% cotton paper . These prints have a unique museum feel about them and have an incredible print quality . Created from the highest quality possible and framed with Archival museum acrylic for ever lasting clarity .  

Title:SURROUNDED Medium:	Digital Size:	30"x20"
Medium: Digital
Size: 30″x20″
Title:UNVEILING Medium:	Digital Size:	30"x20"
Medium: Digital
Size: 30″x20″
Title:ATTACKED Medium:	Digital Size:	30"x20"
Medium: Digital
Size: 30″x20″

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