Ron Weinkauf – Midwest vs West Art Exhibition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

2014 Midwest vs West Art Exhibition – Artist Portfolio Magazine

Ron Weinkauf – Seattle, WA

I was born many years ago in Cresco, Iowa.  Seattle has been my home since 1946.  Attended Franklin High School in Seattle, “majoring” in art.  The teacher was extraordinary and inspiring.  Attended the University of Washington, majoring in architecture.  My fondness for art, however, is just as great as my interest in architecture, and my curriculum at the UW also included art instruction.  Most architectural drawings were created with ink, colored with watercolors or pastels, since the use of computers was still far away.  The faculty was outstanding, and included well-known Seattle artist George Tsutakawa.  Graduated in 1954, after a five year course.

In the 1970’s I slowly began developing, in my spare time away from my architectural career,  a series of two-dimensional acrylic figures and related acrylic paintings.  It was all entirely my idea, so I had nothing to go on but my own imagination.

The first public showing of my work did not occur until 1986 at the Bumbershoot Arts Festival in Seattle.  It was a solo show of about half a dozen sets, held in the lobby of the old location of the Seattle Opera House, on the Seattle Center Grounds.

My works apparently appeared to be too different…to far out of the mainstream of art, and I experienced resistance in showing in art galleries…until I came across the small Metropolis Art Gallery in Seattle.  Although it was located right across the street from the downtown Seattle Art Museum, it was nonetheless obscure, with the primary entrance being off an alley.  Maybe cool, but at any rate the gallery eventually closed.

In 2004 three of my works were co-shown at the ArtsWest Gallery in West Seattle.

Beginning in 2000 almost continuous showings occurred for about nine years in the Art/Not Terminal Gallery on the edge of downtown Seattle.  This is a fine all-volunteer tri-level gallery that displays a wonderful medley of art.

Now I  am using the internet exclusively.   It is a fantastic tool.   However, nothing is like seeing my works in person, so everyone is welcome to stop by, if you just set up an appointment…thank you!

Title:Double Subtle Medium:	Acrylic Size:	Ptg.42"x73", Fig.25"x73"
Title: Double Subtle
Medium: Acrylic
Size: Ptg.42″x73″, Fig.25″x73″
Title:Supersplat Medium:	Acrylic Size:	Ptg.54"x54", Fig.36"x72"
Title: Supersplat
Medium: Acrylic
Size: Ptg.54″x54″, Fig.36″x72″
Title:Zero Medium:	Acrylic Size:	Ptg.34"x48", Fig.24"x72"
Title: Zero
Medium: Acrylic
Size: Ptg.34″x48″, Fig.24″x72″

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