Gerry Dotto, Anne-Liv Scott & Gabrielle Casey – International Art Exhibition

Artist Portfolio Magazine – International Art Exhibtion

Gerry Dotto – Sherwood Park, Canada

I was born and raised in greater Edmonton, Alberta, where I’ve been active in the local art scene for over 25 years. I work with various techniques on paper – printmaking, drawing, mixed media, digital. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. I’m a conceptual artist. Themes in my work are based around our everyday interaction with common forms of visual communication – signs, labels, advertising. My images re-interpret these systems of communication and present them from new perspectives.

I’ts getting to be a busy summer and fall.

I just finished participating in Alberta Society of Artists’ “The Artist Lens” on display during the Exposure 2014 Photography Festival at ArtPoint gallery in Calgary and Walterdale Playhouse Theatre in Edmonton last spring.

Two pieces were purchased for Strathcona County’s Permanent Art Collection at the “Strathcona Salon Series Exhibition” at Gallery@501 in June. I have a couple pieces in “Bread Basket” at the Visual Arts Alberta Gallery in Edmonton until August. Two pieces will be in the Re-Beauty recycled art auction in October – they’ll be making stops at K-Days and the Edmonton Folk Fest before then. I will also be participating in “The Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibtion – BIMPE VIII” at Federation Gallery on Granville Island in September.

One of my favourite photos will be on display in “PHOTOcentric” an inter- national photography exhibition at The Riverside Galleries – Garrison Art Center in Garrison, New York in September. I just received confirmation that another one of my photos was accepted for publication in Manifest Gallery’s INPHA 3 – 3rd International Photography Annual. I was one of 54 artists selected out of 1,143 entries, so I’m pretty excited about this one. Copies of the book should be available in the summer of 2015.

Some of my prints are on consignment at the Daffodil Gallery here in Edmonton, and you can see them on display there.

Have a great summer everyone!

Title:It's Hard Because It's Hard, If It Was Soft, It Would Be Easy Medium: Digital Photo Size:20" x 30"
Title: It’s Hard Because It’s Hard, If It Was Soft, It Would Be Easy
Medium: Digital Photo
Size: 20″ x 30″
Title:Conspicuous Absence Medium: Digital photo Size:15.5" x 28"
Title: Conspicuous Absence
Medium: Digital photo
Size: 15.5″ x 28″
Title:Red Cross Medium: Digital photo Size:22" x 15.5"
Title: Red Cross
Medium: Digital photo
Size: 22″ x 15.5″

Anne-Liv Scott – Portland, OR

Anne-Liv Scott was born and raised in Los Angeles, California until the age  of 14,  at which time she was  sent to Norway to become acquainted with her birth mother. Within a year’s time of being enrolled  in high school, Anne-Liv became fluent in Norwegian and continued her education  there completing college.

During this time she saved enough money to return to the United States reuniting herself with her Los Angeles family. “I remember what a culture shock I felt leaving a city  as a teenager and suddenly being transplanted onto a dairy farm. And then to be returning as a 20 year old woman back to an even bigger city, New York. My English was so bad my own sister didn’t believe it was me when I called to tell her I had landed!”

Scott earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree while attending the prestigious Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, California. From there her artistic career took off.

paintings are about silence, solitude and an inner strength that often exudes from the subjects I paint. With the figure I portray thoughts, periods of waiting and a return of the gaze.

Naturally what I want to share is greatly influenced by my bilingual upbringing and early travels. I hope to bridge my world over to the viewer by expressing my life’s observations and experiences with the vocabulary of paint;  ultimately, bringing forth awareness that otherwise lies dormant.

For me, the world is a study of contrasts where opposites coexist side by side. Through my paintings, I strive to provide the viewer a different way of seeing the familiar.

Title:Act One Medium:	oil and mixed media/canvas Size:	48' x 60'
Title: Act One
Medium: oil and mixed media/canvas
Size: 48′ x 60′
Title:Intermission Medium:	oil and mixed media/canvas Size:	48' x 60'
Title: Intermission
Medium: oil and mixed media/canvas
Size: 48′ x 60′
Title:Self portrait study Medium:	oil on canvas Size:	14' x 22'
Title: Self portrait study
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 14′ x 22′

Gabrielle Casey – Overland Park, KS

Title:LadyBug/MonkeyWoman Medium:	Digital Size:	1064x1400
Title: LadyBug/MonkeyWoman
Medium: Digital
Size: 1064×1400
Title:Mini K Medium:	Digital Size:	1278x1400
Title: Mini K
Medium: Digital
Size: 1278×1400
Title:Karl Medium:	Digital Size:	1400x1400
Title: Karl
Medium: Digital
Size: 1400×1400