Whose Art Will be on the Cover? – Finalists – 2014 Cover Art Exhibition

Artist Portfolio Magazine has never held an open vote for a cover for our magazine, but since we received a good response in our comments we have had a change of heart.

We have decided to leave this cover open to a vote and we have come up with our finalists. All 3 were chosen from our comments on a previous post. The voting will be open for only 1 week!

At the end of 1 week we will see who has the most votes and we will use that image as the cover on an upcoming issue of Artist Portfolio Magazine.

You can vote below after you take a look at the art that is in consideration.

Thank you to all the artists who participated in our 2014 Cover Art Exhibition!

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Sarah Treanor - Sanctuary
Sarah Treanor – Sanctuary
Michele Utley Voigt - Fait Accompli
Michele Utley Voigt – Fait Accompli
Steph France - The Factory
Steph France – The Factory

18 thoughts on “Whose Art Will be on the Cover? – Finalists – 2014 Cover Art Exhibition

  1. Thank you for selecting me to be in the newest issue of Artist Portfolio! I’m so thrilled to be in the run for the cover image. All the work is very good, it’s a true honor.

    1. Your work is so creative and emotional Sarah. That makes it very easy to relate to as well. I hope you make it to the cover as I truly think you deserve to be honored that way. Good luck sweetie 🙂

    1. If these were different categories you would have nailed it 120%! There’s nothing like a great looking canvas.

  2. Steph, your Factory is amazing! Beautiful color and texture! I have seen your work in person in several galleries and it’s so unique…
    Nothing like it!

  3. Honored to be considered for the cover of Artist Portfolio Magazine. Thank you for the opportunity to share the story of parenting, motherhood, adoption and “the village it takes” to raise a child through my painting Fait Accompli! Grateful!!!!
    Michele Utley Voigt

  4. I have nothing against photography, but I really think paint and photos shouldn’t not be in the same poll. I believe the ability to move your hands to create the art make the painting look more like art rather than snapping a photo. It takes creativity either way. And Steph France does an amaxing job of using color, texture, and symmetry that can be interpreted in many ways.

    1. I would like to note that photography is far more than just “snapping a photo”. Please know that this photo took hours upon hours to create. Not only the nest, which was built by hand and took over a week to create, but also the hours it took to shoot myself within the nest, the logistics of setup, the hours of retouching and adjusting the contrast afterwards to get it exactly perfect.

      Furthermore, I create a written piece that goes with each of my photos that is about loss. This image is part of a year-long series on living with grief – and is a response to the death of my fiancé in 2012. It is not merely snapping a photo. It is my way of telling my story – a very deeply personal and painful one. It is the way I have begun to live again after going through the greatest darkness of my life. Sure, photography is different from painting. It may be less physically expressionistic, but it is no less personal, no less soulful, and holds no less depth because of that. It only looks effortless because of the amount of work and heart that is put into it – just like all art forms.

      1. First of all, I never said anything AGAINST photography. I’m not diminishing that, what I was saying and will say a little more clearly, is that these categories should be separated. A secondly, you wrote it yourself… “photography is different than painting”. All in all looking at the polls its clearly favored toward photography… what could have the results been if paintings outnumbered photos? I know what art is and these are all beautiful and unique art pieces. I feel paint, sculptures, photographs etc., should have been in defined categories to give viewers a more defined chioce.

      2. Hi Sadie,

        Just so it’s clear here this was an “open” themed art exhibition and we selected 20 artists to be featured. It has nothing to do with medium, but with what the end result is.

        We’ve never held a vote for any of our art exhibitions over the last 8 years and this is new territory for us because we thought that art being chosen by a popularity contest was just kind of wrong. So, we (Artist Portfolio Magazine) selected what we felt were the best 20 works of art (photography, paintings, sculptures, etc …) and then after this we decided to leave the cover up to the artists and public. They wrote in what they thought were the best works of art from this 20 and then we held a poll for the top 3. One was photography, one was abstract and one was cubism, but all 3 were excellent works of art.

        Artist Portfolio Magazine loves having an eclectic array of art and artists in our magazines. I think it’s what kind of makes us a bit unique.


I do see what you are saying, but that’s just not how we view things here.

    2. Perhaps its best to let voters/artists to make up their own minds. I’m sure Annie Leibovitz, Ansel Adams, and many other photographers would allow that art is for everyone, open and closed minded alike.

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