Q1 Art Competition – Honorable Mentions – Artist Portfolio Magazine

After reviewing 776 works of art from 194 artists we have made our decision on 47 Honorable Mentions. Thank you to every artist who participated in our Q1 Art Competition.

Listed in no particular order.

Bert Matiyow – Mother Willow

Joshua Sarinana – She Looks Past

Monika Malewska – Monkey Skeleton and Amaryllis

William Francis Brennan – Nature and History/Crete

John Westerhold – Iron Horse Sunset

Stephen Brucker – Wound Lens

Ozie Deandre Norman – Native Ghost

Maciej Zabawa – X65478

Sarah Elyse Granetz – Show Me Yours

Nicolas Vionnet – 221 Reasons to Say No

Josh Christensen – Moonrise 1

Jon Savage – Chair

Gina Herrera – A Mystified Prancer

The Couto Brothers – The Middle Passage

Stephanie Schechter – Thrift

Karrie Ross – Dances With Flowers

Madeleine Rhondeau – Different Place. Same Minds.

Wei Chen – Drizzle #1

Paul Gardner – Sacred Mountain

Lynn Chen – Harmony

Alexander Rossa – Muse

Arika von Edler – Imbalance

Brooke Borcherding – Under the Shelter of Fall

HYSTM – The Gazer

Keri Joy Colestock – I March to my Own Beat

Lindsay Swanson – Lullaby

Kevin Couto – Intimate

Sharmon Davidson – Doors of Perception

Meredith Turcotte – Liberty

Matteo Lollini – Sliding Door

Peter Schachter – Round Midnight

Justin Kephart – Xenolith

Sara Hupas – The Mission

Walt Curlee – Fresh Produce

Haley Smith – Jack

Donna Howard – My Descent

Chijia He – Fishing Junks at Sunset

Lanny Sherwin – Checking In

Hannah Williams – The Wild

Holly Savas – The Visionary

Cayce Wheelock – Phophet

Drarpitha Parthasarathy – Tutelage

Joseph O’Neil – Windows 5

Ali Futrell – Smile 2016

Sue Miller – Shine On

Monika Jasnauskaite – Sunshine

Sima Schloss – It All Came Together in the Weirdest Way